Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2 day Fast - 60 hours

I decided to do a 2 day fast and I am happy to say that I did it. I have never gone on a fast before so this was a totally new experience. I have to thank Alissa Cohen for her message boards at RawFoodTalk because the feeds on fasting really helped me out. I read the majority of the posts yesterday and that gave me the strength to do this fast. By the time I get up tomorrow morning it will be a 60 hour fast.

40 oz salt water colon cleanse
40 oz apple celery juice
8 oz raw apple cider vinegar with water and raw honey
32 oz carrot lettuce juice
32 oz carrot juice
80 oz water
32 oz apple celery juice
10 oz herbal tea

The first symptoms I started feeling on my first day were cold fingers, toes and lips. Due to my oxygen needs there are many times when I cannot get warm and my fingers and toes get real cold but I have not realized the cold lips. Next a headache set in so now I know for sure that I am detoxing. I had these symptoms most of the day but I made it. It has been over 24 hours that I did not eat anything. Woohoo!

10 oz salt water colon cleanse
16 oz apple celery juice
10 oz herbal tea
32 oz carrot lettuce juice2
4 oz strawberry juice
24 oz tangerine juice
32 oz apple celery cabbage juice
32 oz water

The symptoms today were headache on and off all day and night and cold feet and hands again. I thought I would extend this another day but I have changed my mind. I went to the produce market today and bought some cherries, strawberries, lettuce, cabbage and avacados. I already made coleslaw for tomorrow and I cannot wait til the morning to bite into some cherries. YUM.

"All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you" - Wayne Dyer

Celebrate Life,


Ingrid said...

Hi and congrats on your fasting success! I've fasted 6 times, the longest fast being 8 days. It sounds like you are on the right track and the next fast should be easier.

nat said...

Congrats on the fast! I am about to try it.. but I have one question... I read that I should replace the good bacteria after a salt flush. How can I do this? or do the juices provide the body with good bacteria? also, isn't the high content of salt going to be absorbed by the body? Would be great if you could tell me, I'm really looking forward to trying it. Thank you. from Raw Foods Wealth 2 Health

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