Saturday, January 10, 2009

Raw Grains - Yummy

It's not uncommon to eat soaked or sprouted grains within the raw food community. So I have decided to give them a try since it is difficult for me to stay raw during the winter months. All I have to do with the grains is soak them, like I do with nuts and seeds to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors which interfere with digestion.

Try soaking steel cut oats (they are raw). They are so nice as a cereal in the morning (drain excess water and mix in a small bit of celtic sea or himalayan salt) with a bit of honey.

Healthy Multi-Grain Breakfast Cereal Recipe

Buy approximately 1/3 lb of each of the following grains: Brown rice Steel cut oats Wheat berry

Sunflower seeds
Flax seed

Put all the grains together in a large container and mix so that the grains are uniformly distributed throughout the cereal.

To serve, begin by grinding approximately 1/8 to 1/3 cup of grain per serving.

Prepare the cereal the night before by placing the serving in a bowl, adding approximately an equal amount of water, covering it and allowing it to sit over night. Soaking the mixture is necessary to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors which interfere with digestion.

In the morning, add whatever fruit you have available or some chopped soaked almonds, raisins, and/or a dash of cinnamon. You can add honey and cinnamon or just eat it plain.

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