Monday, November 18, 2013

No Sugar - Are you addicted to Sugar?

I have been thinking about ways to motivate myself to go back to eating a lot of raw foods.  So I started viewing videos on YouTube.  Last week I invested a lot of time watching videos on GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism), Monsanto Corporation, animal products, animal farming, where our food comes from and the dangers of Sugar.  I have so much information in my head right now that I can only start to sort it by writing it down.  I want to blog about this but I cannot translate all this material into in one post. Here is a very moving video The Men Who Made Us Fat click here.

I viewed so many videos about all the negative things in our foods that I was getting depressed and for a while I did not know what to eat.  I do not want to eat animal products. I do not want to eat   GMO foods and I do not want to eat sugar. What is left???  

I remember reading years ago how Americans were addicted to sugar.  My immediate response was that I was not addicted to sugar.  After I finished reading that book I realized that I was addicted to sugar.  I cut out all the foods that I thought had sugar in them, namely sweets (cakes, cookies, candy).  I was good for a long time but after my last surgery I have been eating sweets like crazy and there is no doubt in my mind that I am addicted to sugar.  I decided to research this and saw a few videos.

This one I viewed is called Shocking Truth! Is Sugar TOXIC? Click here 

I decided that my first step is to get added sugar out of my life.  By this I mean to eating foods that contain sugar naturally like fruits.  In order to identify foods that have added sugars I viewed a few more videos. Shocking Sugar: How Much Sugar Is HIDDEN in my food. Click here.

 Although this video gets a little monotonous watching Lloyd fill cups with teaspoons of sugar, the message is sent LOUD & CLEAR.
How to Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet. Click here.

Sugar is disguised with different names so you may not see the actual word ‘sugar.’  The most complete list I could find is click here.

If you would like to see testimonials on lowering your sugar intake you can check out this Facebook page click here  You can get a lot of information here or just ask questions in this group and you will get many different responses.

Celebrate Life,
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