Monday, December 6, 2010

Proactive with my Healthcare

I just finished a batch of apple/celery juice. What I am doing now is making a big batch at once and storing the juice in stanless steel lined drink cups. I read that stanless steal helps to maintain the nutrients. I used to do the drinks as I wanted to drink them but now a days I do not have the energy to do the drinks a few times a day and clean up the machinery. I make enough that lasts me about 3 days. Conserving energy and getting my vitamins. I also ate 1/2 canteloupe so I am good to go for a while.

Transplant update:
Well I finally heard from Duke or shall I say my nurse practioner did. They want me to do 2 tests and when Duke receives and reviews the results they will schedule an appointment. In the meantime I have reached out to Duke to see what the process is and how long this will probably take. I had to leave a message and am awaiting a call. My calculations estimate that the visit could be within the last two weeks of this year at best. YIKES! To think that I wanted this all done before this winter. Well you cant always get what you want when you want it.

I also called Cleveland Clinic to get information from their program. I know they will fly me into their facility at time of transplant. I had to leave a message there as well. I did get to talk to the transplant coordinator at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center but I would have to live in PA within 3 hours of Pittsburgh and their average wait time is 6 months. This would be like starting over for me so this facility is out as far as my second choice. It is between Duke and Cleveland Clinic."

Not too late
It's never too late to richly live the moment you're in. Don't let regrets about the past destroy the unique opportunity you have right now.
Do you feel frustrated by your lack of progress? Then tap into the energy of that frustration to bring yourself fully to life in this moment that you now have to work with.

Today, you are more experienced and knowledgeable than you've ever been. Today, you can be more motivated than ever before to reach in and connect with your own special goodness.

And today you can put all of what you have into making real and positive progress. Today you can connect in a new and fulfilling way with what matters most.

You've already made an amazing journey to get to this moment. You've brought yourself here for a reason, so let yourself live that reason.

Make life the best it can be right now by doing something truly meaningful with it. Whatever you've come through, wherever you've been, it is never too late to feel the beautiful joy of being alive and making a difference.

-- Ralph Marston

Celebrate Life,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waiting is the worse

Well I had an "a-ha" moment last week. I was talking with a friend about my family's emotional well being during my dad's pulmonary fibrosis and his lung transplant. When I told her that 'the waiting was the worse time' it dawned on me that, that is where I am now. I am waiting and this by far has become the most stressful time to date. Yes there are moments that I cannot stop coughing nor can catch my breath that become very stressful but these times pass. They come and go. Waiting on the transplant list is an underlying stress with many peaks and valleys but the stress is always there.

So what do I do. I continue to go to pulmonary therapy 3 times a week. I still drink my green smoothies daily. I have not talked much about raw foods lately. I guess I have been consumed by the transplant however I have not lost sight on how important diet and exercise is. I want to be the absolute strongest I can be for this surgery.

Remember I start training for volleyball and 5K races the day after surgery. :)

You deserve

You deserve the best in life. And you deserve the experience of creating it.

You are worthy of a life that's rich and filled with meaning. And you are worthy of working through the difficult challenges to make that life a reality.

At any given moment, including this moment right now, you are fully deserving of life's greatest experiences. It is never too early and it is never too late to fully feel how it feels to be uniquely alive.

You deserve to be extraordinarily happy in your own special way. And you deserve to realize and to understand that you are the only person who can choose to let that happiness flow.

You deserve to find the strength within yourself to triumph over difficult challenges. You deserve to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

You deserve whatever you truly desire and whatever you most authentically imagine. Get busy now, with a love of the possibilities, and give yourself what you deserve.

-- Ralph Marston

Celebrate Life,
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