Monday, June 15, 2009

A quick note...

I got a new Helios oxygen tank. This one has the option of continuous flow and oxygen on demand when I breathe in. I have been using the on demand one for over 4.5 years. Last week I decided to test the continuous flow one and today was the first day I exercised with it. Well I was on the treadmill for 45 min at the fastest rate I have done and I actually ran. Yes you read that right, I ran. Ok so at first it was for 10 seconds. I had to catch my breath and after I realized that I had actually ran, I did it again for 20 seconds. Mind you I decided to run after working out on the treadmill for over 35 minutes.

I am exhausted and I am going to bed. Yes this is another thing my body will have to adjust to. I had a good night sleep and my exhaustion was due to the workout. I ate very good today. All fresh fruits and veges. I had some raw nuts and two soy yogurts.

I dont know if I will do the treadmill again tomorrow but I may. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Celebrate Life,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Body Responded

It finally happened!!!

I have always believed in my mind that I could get off oxygen. There has never been a doubt and for the first time ever my body is starting to believe it as well. This is what happened. Last Thursday I ran out of oxygen while playing volleyball and I continued to play. Of course, I took it easy and did not serve for two games because the exertion is just too much for me even with oxygen. Well we were playing the last game and I wanted to serve. I got up about 4 times and I served one and two points, no big deal. On my last attempt I served about 9 points.

After serving three points, I remember thinking that I would be out of air soon and start coughing because my heart was pounding hard and I was breathing heavy. When I served the fourth point I was at about the same level as I was on the third point. I then remember thinking, I could do this. So I proceeded to serve. At about my sixth serve I told my teammates that I was going to sit out the rest of the game after my service. I was thinking that I would start coughing hard and not be able to recuperate enough to run around playing volleyball. Well when I finished serving I did sit down and guess what?

I never coughed!

Now that has never happened. That was a sure sign for me. All the exercising I am doing is finally paying off. My heart is in better shape and so are my lungs.

This has served as a new motivation and I cannot wait to see where this road takes me.

Quote of the day:

Today is a great day to be alive. The world is filled with positive possibilities, and those possibilities grow more numerous with each passing moment.
Sure, there are challenges and disappointments and frustrations. And within those challenges, within those disappointments, are some of the greatest possibilities.
Today is a great day to be alive because today you can make things happen. You can set a goal, chart a course, take stock of your situation and use it to create new value.
Pay no attention to those who claim to know how things will be. Your future is yours to determine, and this is the day to make it great.
You don't need any one's permission to live with joy and fulfillment. You don't need to wait for certain circumstances to line up in a specific way.
For today is a great day to be alive, to be productive, to be effective and to fulfill your best possibilities. And now is the moment to enthusiastically get busy making it all happen.
-- Ralph Marston

Celebrate Life,
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