Thursday, August 14, 2008

Raw Books and My Book

Hello, I just got a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and I want to purchase a couple of new Raw Food recipe books. I would like some easy recipes for those days after work when a quick fix is all that is needed. I would also like a book to help during those long, cold winter days. So if any of you have any great books you want to make me aware of please do so.

I am getting settled into my new home. Yes, I moved and my quest is my book. In a couple of weeks I am going to seriously get to writing a book. I have small bits and pieces and some photos and poetry but I have to put it all together and write a lot. I set a few goals this year and they have all come to fruition and the only one missing is my book. My goal for the book was to start writing it in my new home.

So I am here to tell you that dreams do come true. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. I have worked on this over and over again and it really works. Create the intention, believe in it and stay focused on it and it will manifest.

Of course not everything goes my way so I just read my favorite post and I want to share the link with you because it serves as a reminder of the person I want to be. I am that person but I am human and sometimes I lose focus. I hope you enjoy reading it again. Here it is.

Celebrate Life,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Water Fast

Well today I decided to fast. I have not been 100% raw so I figured it would be a good time to show myself who is in control of my life. I have done well. I am hoping that I could get to bed without tummy noises so I am drinking all I can. The other dilema will be getting up too many times during the night to excrete this water. All I can say is that it is surely going through me.

I have 1/2 a cantaloupe cut up for breakfast tomorrow and I have a bottle of kombucha ready to go. I also have a couple of apples. I just might eat all fruit tomorrow. I will see how I feel and perhaps fast again on Wednesday.

I have a cleansing kit for the entire body and it will last over a month. Yes I can eat raw foods while on the cleanse but it would be best to do it with just organic apple juice. It seems a little extreme but I have to figure out what I will do. I have many options. I can do each section as a fast and take a few days off in between and just eat raw foods. Or I can eat one raw meal per day. This sounds the most feasible to me at this time but first I want to fast a couple of days a week for a short while.

I hope I get the feeling of peace and ease within my body that I got the first time I fasted for a day. Ahhh, I long for tomorrow for that awesome feeling.

Celebrate Life,
Alma from Raw Foods Wealth 2 Health

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