Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kidney Cleanse

Being an advocate for raw foods and a lung transplant recipient I wanted to research ways to keep my kidneys healthy since the medication I am on could affect my kidneys.  So I figured there would be some good produce that would assist in cleansing the kidney.  What I found out was that the best way for everyone to keep their kidneys healthy is by drinking a lot water.  Yes some claim that purified and filtered water is best but we can all start by trying to drink good quality water.  Others claim that juicing cucumbers and or celery is an excellent alternative to water.  Yes smoothies would aid in a kidney cleanse but it seems it would help most because we would be cleansing our body and getting rid of excess waste.  The smoothies themselves would not directly detox the kidneys.

Since keeping hydrated is the best way to keep our kidneys clean then produce that is high in water content would be great to eat (spinach, watermelon, grapes, berries, parsley, wheat grass).  Of course many say to use organic produce but if you use conventional or organic produce it is still recommended to wash the produce with a high quality produce wash.

Juice fasting is also a way to cleanse the kidneys.  A watermelon cleanse has also been suggested but not for diabetics.  This is where you eat only watermelon for a day.  You can eat as many watermelons as you would like for a day.

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